Client Testimonials

Ms Samia, was referred to me by my father, who spoke really high of her. Having worked with her last couple of years, i can attest that she is honest, competent, professional and a hard working real estate agent. She is remarkable and trust worthy, she does her due deligence and makes sure 200% that you and your property are taken care of
6 stars out of 5 …. i am a customer for life ! and couldn’t be happier !
Zohaer Khan, Milton, ON
Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I can’t put in words how knowledgable and professional Samia is. She was able to show us more than 30 properties within 3 days and get us our #1 pick UNDERASKING. She is resilient and provided us with the most helpful advice throughout the process. We couldn’t recommend Samia enough!

Zeinab Saidoun, Newmarket, ON
My experience with Samia was the best I could have asked for. She worked tirelessly to show us properties. What I loved about Samia was her intuition. After a few showings, she knew exactly how to relate to us and how to translate what we wanted on paper to the units we saw. She was right every time about what units we would like and which ones were not for us. We found the perfect condo and all the credit goes to Samia!
Thank you Samia!
Simona Chis, Toronto, ON
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Samia, was referred to me by my brother in law, who spoke really highly of her. Having worked with her for only 3 days, we were able to find a place in this difficult market! It was unbelievable what she was able to get for us in such a short time. I can confidently say that she’s very honest, professional and a hard working real agent. She was able to show us almost 20 houses in 2 days and all were according to our needs. We can’t recommend her enough!

Mohammad Mezher, Newmarket, ON
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It has been over 10 years since Samia assisted me with all my real estate needs. Her exceptional real estate knowledge, excellent professional attitude, phenomenal work ethics and integrity is rare to find.
I saw over and over how organized and detail oriented she is, with her nothing gets overlooked and she truly takes care of her client’s needs.
I have referred her to my family members, and I have heard nothing but their amazing experience dealing with her.
If anyone is looking for an awesome lifetime real estate professional, here she goes, period!

Dewan Haider-Scarborough, ON
Samia Sheikh has been dealing my real estate affairs for the last ten years… And I have been a very satisfied customer, each time. She is upright, straight forward, knowledgeable and has always given me unmatched advise and efficient service – at both the pre and post sale stages. I will strongly recommend her to anyone looking for peace of mind in the real estate service industry.
Salman Masum, Richmond hill, ON
Samia Sheikh is certainly a very genuine and friendly person! She takes time out of her day to listen to your problems and always offers a great solution. Samia is very passionate and dedicated to her line of work. She has exceptional customer service and I always recommend her to my friends and family. Keep up the great work.
Sadaf Asim, Vaughn, ON
Samia is a fantastic realtor and a lovely and genuine person. She is the perfect balance of being patient and efficient.
She was very patient with me when I just couldn’t find what I was looking for and she did not give up. She showed me more units than I can count and by the end, she could tell me just by looking at the listing whether I would like the unit or not.
When we finally found the unit I really liked, she was quick to act to ensure that I would get the unit despite a lot of interest from other potential buyers.
She knew exactly how to navigate today’s market to get me the perfect condo. I cannot recommend Samia enough!
Roxana Chis, Toronto, ON
Samia has been dealing with my properties for the last more than 5 years. Working with Samia, I am confident while saying that her experience coupled with energy and dedication, strong initiative and commitment to excellence, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, spirit of involving client for having teamwork, effective use of technology at work, and appropriate goal direction made her best suited to add more to the excellence she always achieved. She made her clients all times and this is what she achieved due to her post-project excellent services that she provided to the clients. I would say that “She Mastered the Art of All Times Excellence”.
Riaz Ahmed, Brampton, ON
I used Samia’s services several times and have been extremely pleased.
I have always found Samia to be conscientious, honest, hardworking, persistent, sincere and authentic.
Samia’s calming influence is able to offer me sound advice and greatly eased my stress levels.
Samia is going over and beyond to meet all your expectation!
Manya M, North York, ON
Wow experience.
I have been dealing with her for the past almost 15 years. Every dealing and interaction with her always comes with a complete professional and customized solution. Her dedication and involvement towards clients always amazes me. She always ensured a complete satisfaction with a thorough professional behavior. Three traits which I experienced dealing with her.
1. Hard working
2. Great professional advise
3. Exceptional Customer service
Great to always work with her. Wow.
Awais Talmiz, Toronto, ON
I was so happy I worked with Samia Sheikh to purchase my condo. Samia’s calm, in control, friendly manner exuded professionalism. She was detail oriented and took the time to explain each step. This way, I would know what to expect. Her approach was great for me, as I was quite stressed when I started the process. Samia was able to help me manage my stress. Her knowledge of the market was invaluable.
I highly recommend Samia Sheikh to anyone looking to for an excellent realtor.
A Chong, Scarborough, ON
Samia, is my Realtor since i bought my house 6 years ago..back then..Samia help us to find a better home.. Based on her long time experience..we find the right home that was right for us..Samia is not only represent as our realtor but she put her heart to her job.. she love to helping people..up to now..she is still there no matter what..😊
Cyres Flores, Scarborough, ON
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very happy with the service provided, professional, quick and beyond our expectations!
Highly recommended.

Archana M, Oshawa, ON

For the last 8 years she has provided reliable and great service with utmost care. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for someone honest and passionate!

Shirina Chowdhury, Scarborough, ON

She is very competent and honest , knows how to do her job in a professional way. Always work in the best interest of the customer.

Kaleem Awan, Whitby, ON

It was an absolute pleasure working with Samia.She was an amazing professional and guided us in every step in the way to purchase our first home.She shared her experience and helped us with every question we had.She understood our requirement and was spot on with all the suggestions.I would recommend her a 100% to all my friends and family and would love to work with her in future as well!

Abhisekh Chatterjee, North York, ON

Samia,is also my realtor for helping us to find an agent in the other province. She was hands on in all different way..always there to guide us..all the way through.. even though she is not our agent in that province..but still.. She want to get the right agent for us.Samia is more like older sister to me..more than as a my realtor..Because she treating us like as her own family..On my opinion no one can replace her as a Professional Realtor with the heart!😊

Jeffrey Dimacali, Scarborough, ON

I worked with Samia Sheikh to buy two condos in Stouffville.
She was extremely responsive , trustworthy and professional.
First class marketing.
I would highly recommend to work with Samia Sheikh Real estate if you want to buy/sell.

Fadel Fahs, Scarborough, ON

This was our first home shopping/buying experience and Samia sheikh walked us through every detail and was always available to answer questions even well after the sale was over. I cannot express in words how wonderful she was to us .She was a dream to work with.she has become a friend, someone we can reach out to if we have any question. Samia completely takes you under her wing and walks you through every step. In brief we love her and her passion towards real estate sector she is the best realtor ever , looking forward to work with her again and again!

Tanu KK-Whitby,ON

Ms. Samia Sheikh’s after sales service is outstanding. No matter what the problem or query occurs she always gives the perfect solution. She is more than a realtor to me. She is just like a sister figure to me and my family. Her after sales service is outstanding and beyond questionable. And she helps her customers to get the best in the specific budget. I wish her every success in her life.

Sheikh Zakir Hassan, Oshawa, ON

Samia is a very professional and extremely friendly person, whatever she does for you is from the core of her heart. She wants the best price for your property and knows the market very well. I have been using her services for the past 14 yrs and I am very pleased as a customer.

Asad Q-Brampton,ON

Highly recommended agent …very informed and customer oriented ….hidden GEM!!!

Daniel Lewis, Brampton, ON

-“Samia did a great job as she was very professional and did a good job at marketing the property. We received over 30 requests for showings in less than a week and received a good offer within a few days. She did a good job at the negotiations. Depending on the property for sale, I will strongly consider her.”

Mark Hirowatari, Scarborough, ON

“It was really a pleasure working with Samia. Her involvement and dedication makes her a real professional. Her patience and negotiation skill are of highest quality. She kept us updated every step of the way during the whole transition.”
– Kaleem Khalid, Whitby, ON

“Samia is not just an agent but a real human being who went all out to satisfy our real estate needs. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and I am sure she is consistent with all her other clients as well. She is a great asset to your company and I will use her for any future real estate transactions.”
– Rawle & Arlene Jibodh Toronto, ON

“The first time we met Samia was was at an open house. We found her to be very professional, giving an honest opinion and not at all pushy. We didn’t end up buying that house but had built a good relationship with her and were in contact with her, after which we chose her to be our agent when we sold our house.

She sold our home for us within a week. She is really good at staging houses and has a lot of ideas and experience. We would highly recommend her. Unlike many other agents, she lets her clients take their time to make a decision, builds and maintains very good client relationships and is an awesome person with a

wonderful personality.”

– Roshni & Mitten Shah, Mississauga ON

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I know Samia since 2017. I bought my first home through her and sold the same in 2021 with her. She is very much responsible, clear in her dealings with clients. She helped and guided a lot in purchasing and selling the property. She also looked after my tenants. We definitely recommend her for property purchase and sale.

Badrun Nasa, Oshawa, ON

I had known Samia for the last twelve years, ever since I needed to buy a house as a newcomer to Canada. Samia is the go to person for me in all matters related to my house, viz., repairs, renovations. Samia’s after sales support is exemplary. She is a professional with a personal touch, which makes her stand out from others. I would recommend Samia to anyone who needs to buy a home. She is not simply a realtor, a friend and a great human. I wish her success in all her endeavors.

Mallika Indran, North York, ON

I worked with Samia Sheikh to buy two condos in Stouffville.
She was extremely responsive , trustworthy and professional.
First class marketing.
I would highly recommend to work with Samia Sheikh Real estate if you want to buy/sell.

Fadel Fahs, Stouffville, ON

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Samia Sheikh met all our real estate needs in a professional, efficient and caring manner. She has a very patient attitude ensuring that we would be 100% happy with the purchase of our first home. I will refer her to all my friend’s because I knew they would be satisfied with the excellent service she provides!

Naveen Kasireddy, Oshawa, ON

“I have decided to go with Samia as my real estate broker as she was highly referred to us by two of our good friends who got excellent client services from her. They were very happy with the continued support Samia provided while going through the process of buying their homes and after that as well.
As a new home buyer we didn’t know what to expect at the beginning but soon we found our broker, Samia to be consistently pleasant, answering all queries with dedication and a smile and was honest about her opinion.
Samia showed us around 20-25 homes until we decided the final one; we were surprised to see her enthusiasm, patience and punctuality in maintaining the time to show the homes. She went beyond our expectations and we highly recommend her to all our friends and family.
The benefits that we got were clear explanations of what to expect as a new home buyer in terms of expenses and timeline, customer service and referrals in terms of choosing the right law firm and insurance company. Samia also gave recommendation for a handy man who fixed any small fixture required for the

home. As promised she assisted us in choosing the right family to rent out our basement.
As a result of Samia’s exceptionally well-researched knowledge, we got a very nice three bedroom house in a fabulous area with a finished basement. It is near two big parks, transit systems and nearby shopping areas.
We would highly recommend Samia to our friends, family, and anyone who is thinking of buying a home. In fact, I have already mentioned it to three families who are moving to Canada.
We liked your dedication towards your work and exceptional customer service in meeting client needs. The other qualities you showed while meeting our goals are you’re reliable, dependable, responsible, patient, flexible, adaptable, easygoing, cooperative, considerate, kind, encouraging, and spontaneous.
I am glad through the process of buying this home you became a very good friend. I am thankful and grateful for everything you have done for us.
Samia is a team player and is a great asset for real estate. ”
– Sharmeen Imtiaz, Scarborough, ON

“Samia Sheikh was extremely effective and helpful when I bought my home. Her expertise, knowledge, and industriousness helped me find the right home and move through the process with warmth and ease. She has continued to give advice and support long after the purchase of the home and does so selflessly. I

recommend her to friends and acquaintances and to anyone looking for a good experience and an excellent realtor.”
– Koom Kankesan, Toronto ON

“Samia helped me with the purchasing of my first investment property. I was nervous and I had a lot of questions. Samia was very patient and helpful. She made the whole process easier for me. I would recommend Samia to anyone looking to purchase their home, especially if this is your first one as Samia would

walk you through each step of the process.”
– Susan Halim, Caledon ON

“Samia is a dedicated, extremely hardworking, result oriented professional. Her superb customer service, great work ethic and extraordinary effort exceeded my satisfaction for all of my business transactions with her.”
– Dewan Haider-Scarborough, ON

“Samia is a result oriented manager. She works very professionally and with dedication. She is a knowledgeable person who tries hard to keep abreast of the regulations so as to bring the most benefits for her clients.”
– Ghazal Masum-Milton, ON

“Samia helped a first time homebuyer, like myself, go through the complicated process of buying a home. Her knowledge of the GTA real estate market and the various issues involved in procuring real estate made the process very smooth. Further, her integrity to her clients was absolutely clear throughout the

process. Had great results and would highly recommend Samia for any real estate needs.”
– Shahid Naeem-Mississauga, ON

“I worked with Samia to purchase a house. Samia is a high energy level person who is professional, considerate and aims to deliver for results.”
– Jeannette Patoine-Etobicoke, ON

“Samia is an individual who has high integrity, is very professional and takes a personalized approach to helping her clients. I was more than happy with my interactions with Samia relating to real estate investments and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy individual who is always

looking out for her clients’ best interests.”
– George Mather-North York, ON

“I had the pleasure of meeting Samia Sheikh a while back while buying my house. My real estate agent at that time had an emergency and became unavailable, so Samia took over the whole process without any questions – in fact, she stepped in and took full control until closing out that deal. Very professional,

outstanding agent, she delivered everything expected and more while following the stringent regulations of real estate business. Outstanding service, very polite and friendly; a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to any of my colleagues and friends.”
– Robert Kuzel

“Samia was very professional – available whenever I had a question or needed direction. She is very positive, enthusiastic, and energetic. She is great with people and clearly loves what she does for a living.”
– Lillian Benrubi- Newmarket, ON

” She is very knowledgeable and possesses good skills within her profession. She always has a positive approach. I am really satisfied with her negotiation skills especially when I was selling my house. She is so co-operative and helpful. She sold our house for a good price. We are really thankful for her.”
– Laique Ahmed-Pickering, ON

“She has an amazing personality full of integrity, trust, and respect. Superb Customer Service!” – Maria Minakakis

“Samia is very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with her. I will use her services again in the future.”
– Afzal Qureshi-Ajax, ON

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with Samia. She is very attentive and was available to answer our questions and guide us in the search for our first home. Samia worked with us for over 2 years as we started the planning process and never once tried to push us forward when we weren’t ready.

What we love about Samia is that when we were ready she knew it and within 8 days we put in an offer and that offer was accepted. The experience of purchasing our first home was much easier then I ever anticipated.”
– Kim Smith, Markham, ON

“Samia’s honesty, enthusiasm, and keeping the client aware of all necessary steps during the whole process; is purely distinctive and highly appreciated.”
– Riaz Ahmed-Brampton, ON

“Very much satisfied with her work and patience. 10/10.”
– Jaspreet Perhar-Scarborough, ON

“Royal LePage is very trustworthy and it has great people working within the company like Samia Sheikh who has positive energy and very good customer service skills. I personally like the way Samia showed her interest in finding the best house for her clients by gathering information and suggesting the home

solely based on client requirements. In simple words: awesome job.”
– Thanuja Thavanampalli-Scarborough, ON

“It is my honour to have known Samia for over eight years. She is warm, caring and genuine. Her bright smile and vibrant personality make her welcome wherever she goes. She always puts her whole heart into every task she takes on.”
– Susane Schuler

“Samia is very thoughtful and professional at all times. I worked with her when she took on a leadership role in a previous organization. She could always be counted on to be positive and smiling. I would definitely recommend her.”
-Damian Reid

“I highly recommend Samia as a broker and as a real estate agent.”
– Wasim Ullah-Markham, ON

“Samia is detail oriented, possesses in-depth knowledge of marketing tools, has a pleasant personality, and dedicated to work. I recommend her as a broker.”
– Anjum Ara

“Samia Sheikh will bulldoze her way through any obstacles and go to any lengths to achieve what she wants to achieve for her clients and for herself. Ms. Sheikh also combines with this analytical reasoning and spirituality. She is a hardworking lady with dedication and perseverance who will go far in life. She can be

trusted to get the job done. Two thumbs up.”
– Yasmin Nakhuda- Peterborough, ON

“Samia is very thorough and knowledgeable in both residential and commercial properties. Samia gives utmost attention to all her clients and helps to find their dream home with hard work & dedication.”
– Suresh Taxali

“I highly recommend Samia for her absolute commitment to providing excellent real estate services to her clients. When you engage Samia to assist you in buying or selling real estate you can depend on her without question.”
– David French

“Samia and I were enrolled at the same time in the Fortune in You course of study for writers and business owners. I found her to be quite knowledgeable in the field of real estate and an overall delightful person to know – friendly, cheerful and with a positive attitude and outlook. In my opinion, those are the qualities

you want in a person you work with or wish to engage to work on your behalf.”
– Maxine McLellan

“Samia is a professional to the core with a caring deposition that endears her to her clients. I wish her success.”
– Monny Abraham

“Samia is a stand up real estate agent who is very professional and takes good care of her clients. She goes to a great deal of effort to look after her clients’ interests and negotiates the best deal possible. She is very easy to talk to and can guide everyone really easily through the whole home buying process.”
– Hamza Azmat

“Samia is a positive, energetic powerhouse of a person. Samia knows how to make things happen. I am happy to know her and would have her on my team anytime.”
– Christina De Valencia

“Samia is a vibrant, reliable and caring salesperson. She takes care of her clients. I highly recommend Samia.”
– Tiffany Kermani

“Samia has a very outgoing personality and people feel immediately comfortable around her. She is professional, conscientious, and motivated and has been a successful sales representative for many years with many loyal and satisfied clients.”
– Lynn Wight

“Samia is a dedicated professional. Very conscientious, pays attention to detail, results oriented, and earnestly strives for the win-win conclusion in each and every transaction.”
– Charles Olney

“Samia Sheikh is a wonderful professional who is easy to work with and yet very effective and efficient. She puts her client’s interest above her own and it shows in the results she achieves.”
– Arthur Labbancz

“Samia is one of the best real estate agents in GTA because she has an in-depth knowledge of the market as she has been in this domain for more than ten years. She delivers what the client needs and saves them money when buying property.”
– Jihad Ajjour

“Samia is detail-oriented in providing services as an experienced broker to her clients. She combines her years of experience and excellency in a package that is customized around each of her client’s needs. I highly recommend Samia as an excellent real estate broker.”
– Mehdi Moazzami

“Very, very passionate about helping her clients.”
– Shammi Chopra

“I am writing this to give my highest possible recommendation for Samia. I know Samia through our collaborative work in helping clients with their real estate endeavors. Samia and I connected when I was speaking at a Robert Allen Seminar in Toronto, Canada.

Samia first approached me about the possibility of helping her bring value to her real estate clients. She asked good questions and gave me everything I needed to advise her about bringing value to her clients. She did this independently – I did not ask her to do this, and I was quite impressed at her motivation,

passion for her clients, and independence.

I was especially taken by Samia’s creative mind and independent work ethic. She continued to research independently and generate interesting hypotheses for the classes she wanted to give to bring value to her clients.

She continued even after the four day seminar to call, email, and ask questions for further insight and clarity. Moreover, after doing some of the classes, she skyped with me and gave me a summary of the class and asked how she should approach the next one. This illustrates her high level of motivation and passion

to bring value and create the ultimate client experience.

In summary, I don’t recommend people. I recommend people that have the qualities, work ethic, and integrity I reflect and Samia is clearly one of best people I have had the opportunity to work with and I look forward to her success. I personally know she would be an outstanding asset to achieving the end result

to any endeavor successfully and with satisfaction to any person or organization that retains her services. I give her my highest recommendation.”
Ron Broussard

“Samia is an extremely focused agent with loads of energy. She’s a great listener and if it’s out there she will find you what you’re looking for! Let her get the job done for you!”
– Mark Bedesky

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Samia to you. She is a powerful leader. She empowers others and brings out the very best in everyone she comes into contact with. Her commitment and passion are obvious and her authenticity is extraordinary. I have no doubt your interaction with her will make a

– Anna Rosenberg

“Samia is a highly skilled professional, she is a hard worker, detailed oriented, and sincere.”
– Muhammad Farooq

“Samia is a pleasure to work with. Her personality and character puts the client first and keeps them there. Samia always works towards the best opportunities for her clients – whether that is negotiating the best price (buying or selling), seeking out the best products for her clients to obtain regarding the

purchase/sale of a property and really understands how to make the stress of buying a new home easy to manage. Having an expert like Samia on your side to handle your business deal will make your life easier. I highly recommend Samia!”
– Terry Aldred

“Samia’s amazing attitude is hard to beat. She communicates with you so precisely and personally that you feel like you’re family! What a lovely experience interacting with Samia and her top-notch quality work. I highly recommend Samia as your new realty broker.”
– Mitch Mahoney

“Samia is personable, resourceful and all the while remains very professional. Samia was very patient and considerate of the clients’ needs and wants. She takes care to make sure you understand each step of this involved process and even makes it fun. I highly recommend Samia to all my friends and family

members who need a real estate agent who gets the best results for them.”
– Audrey Darabie-Scarborough, ON

“Samia is passionate, and a responsible partner to work with. She always provides solutions to the clients’ problems.”
– Carolyn Zhao

“Samia always has a smile and she is non-stop action! She is professional, consistent, open to new ideas and willing to assist you in your goals! It has been my pleasure to maintain our connection in creating abundance in all forms!”
– Jacques Berge

“Samia is a wonderful person to work with. She is outgoing, listens to people’s needs and is always ready to help.”
– Kanthan Suyamsothy

“Samia is a joy to work with. Creative, bright, and always ready to keep going when others are ready to quit, but, what I appreciate most about Samia is her ability to listen and get to the heart of the matter.”
– Debbie Wood

“Samia is a very hard worker and honest person in her work & duty.”
– Mirza Munawar Baig

“Samia is an honest broker, detail oriented, and a hardworking individual who goes beyond expectation.”
– Abbas Siddiqui

“There are many positive things I could say about Samia, but if I had to choose her greatest strength, it would be that “she cares”. She cares about her work and puts in the extra hours to exceed expectations, she cares about her colleagues and looks for opportunities to build them up and provide support, and she

cares about her customers, with their needs always coming before her own. She is one of the best in the real estate industry.”
– Amit Tiwari

“Anyone who comes across Samia Sheikh will enjoy her true professional dealings. Her knowledge and perception is great and is able to convey those messages to anyone in order to understand easily. We all come across professional, but Samia Sheikh is unique in nature and goes well with anyone who needs her

professional help. I enjoyed her company and wish to retain professional touch forever.”
– Jayaram Mysore

“She is a very trustworthy, consistent & reliable broker.”
– Vikram Kumar

“Samia is all about building relationships with her clients. She stays in contact with sincere joy. Samia goes well beyond what would be expected, and keeps her personal skills sharpened to excel for her clients.”
– Fred Van Liew

“I find Samia a very dedicated woman. She goes out of her way to service the client. She is very detail-oriented (of course, because she has Masters in Mathematics). This complimented her attitude towards work. A hardworking lady. She is a good friend.”
– Ahsan Qureshi

“Samia is a hands-on devoted professional. She has a broad expertise in the Canadian Real Estate industry. Samia connects with her clients on a personal level, developing trust and long-term relationships. She is completely accountable for what she commits to and I would extremely recommend to work with her.”
– Juan Baraya

“A great person and professional to work with.”
– Tanveer Alam

“Samia is a great person, very detailed and outgoing.”
– Desmond Palmer

“Samia Sheikh is a very active broker who keeps information of all related matters to her profession. She always gives fair advice to all of her clients. She is an honest friend and does business in a very friendly manner. I strongly recommend her for any transaction related to real estate.”
– Dr. Nadeem Bhatti

“It’s a sheer delight to see a true professional at work, and Samia is surely one of those who impressed me a great deal with her dedication, honesty, knowledge, and concern for her clients’ benefit. I will not hesitate in recommending Samia without reservation to anyone seeking the services of a real estate broker.”
– Erfan Sattar

“Samia is a breath of fresh air in a stale room. Positive and cheery and good at her job! Her clients must adore her which is a problem because although we work together, we can sometimes compete against each other. She is a formidable opponent who forces me and everybody in our industry to be better – every

day. If you are in Samia’s trading area, you will be in good hands with her.”
– Ken Jackson

“Samia is a very positive, energetic & professional real estate agent. She is very honest and does her work beyond expectation. I strongly recommend her services.”
– Minoo Malakzadeh

“Samia is a true professional, she knows real time skills of real estate as well as possessing the height of patience which is actually a real trait of her very impressive personality.”
– Muhammad Farooq